Hollow Metal Doors & Steel Frames Repair Services in St. John’s, NL

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Our Hollow Metal Doors & Steel Frames Services

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Panic Hardware

Emergency release push bar & latch hardware require repair at times for proper release exit function.
Fire Code Compliance & Store Level Security are goals for prosper repair.

Closer Hardware

This part can fail, oil leaks and reduces the proper dampening of close & latch speeds.
Repair with new parts.

Metal Door & Frame

Doors can rust, frames can get damaged. New door & frame can be installed into same opening for proper operation, site security & Code Compliance.

Door Service:

  • Door Closers/Wind Chains/Hinges
  • Door Locksets/Panic Hardware
  • Weatherstripping/Door Sweeps
  • Threshold Replacements
  • Latch guards/Locks Re-Keyed
  • Full Door & Frame Replacements
diagram of hollow metal door services

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