Storefront Aluminum Doors Repair Services in St. John’s, NL

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Our Storefront Aluminum Doors Services

Repair Points Call for Service

Lock Latch & Push-Pull Bars

These parts can loosen. General repair to correct for safe operation & proper security.

Mechanical Closers

Hydraulic closers dampen the close & latch speeds. Usage over time cause parts failure, oil leaks, door can then slam. New closer parts required service repair.

Top & Bottom Pivots

Swing points wear out, Door can sag, drag on ground.
Repair with new hardware parts required.

Door Service:

  • Broken Door Glass Replacements
  • Lever/Push Handles
  • Pivots/Hinges
  • Door Closers/Wind chains
  • Deadbolts/Latch Guards/Re-Keying
  • Weatherstripping/Door Sweeps
  • Threshold Replacements
  • Full Door & Frame Replacements
diagram of storefront aluminum door services

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